What makes Kids Global School Special?AWARD WINNING SCHOOL

Kids Global School began its journey in May 1999 and completes 20 years of creating opportunities for the students to learn, play and enjoy their schooling. We just don’t teach subjects rather the importance of living a life based on Concrete Human Values

Kids Global School is an initiative of Karimpanethu Charitable Trust, Bangalore. Kids Global School has been awarded by certified regulatory agency for various achievements in academics, sports, arts and cultural excellence. Our acheivements has been listed in our accomplishments page. Click here to view our accomplishments.

We believe in challenging the young minds and provide the platform for them to think different or out of the box. What makes us special is the knowledge we share beyond the textbooks on topics such as human values, disaster management, career planning, leadership skills, learning skills, soft skills etc.

Discover the finest service highlights of our schoolTHE BEST ABOUT US

  • Focus on holistic development of the every student

  • Discipline, Honesty, Trust and Commitment are our guiding forces

  • Well experienced and dedicated staff

  • Friendly and qualified management

  • Equipped with latest teaching aids and techniques

  • Regular entertainment programs, study tours and picnics

  • Safe, Good and caring atmosphere to groom the students

  • Special attention for week, mentally challenged and differently abled students

  • School bus facilities

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