Karimpanethu Charitable Trust (R)

Karimpanethu Charitable Trust was formulated during  the fiscal year 1999 and registered in Bangalore. This trust was initiated with the mission to serve the poor and needy in small little ways which could bring a difference to the society. KCT is the brain child of Dr. K M Cherian. He was the person who initiated and got people with the same mindset together to serve the society and return back to the society thereby make a difference.  To support this mission the following institutions were formulated

A School with global standards supported by all modern facilities, teaching aids and at affordable fees..

This is a family counseling and welfare centre associated with the department of Family Welfare Centre, St. John’s Medical College and Hospital.

This centre offers homeopathy consultations with free treatment for the poor patients.


KCT and it's objectives

  • Upliftment of the down trodden
  • Health care support for the poor patients
  • Providing quality education for the poor students at affordable fees
  • Creating awareness and health education for the society
  • Career guidance and support to achieve the goals

We truly believe in challenging the young minds and provide the platform for them to think different or out of the box. Chairman, KGS School