Mandatory Instruction to be followed in the School


1. Students need to attended classes and school assembly regularly including Saturday for Std 1-10.
2. Students should be dropped only to the school after 07:45am and picked back before 3:00pm.
3. You child should have their breakfast before coming to school. Lunch needs to be sent across without fail. Kindly send snacks or lunch which your child likes. Also, send boiled and filtered water.
4. Please avoid sending ornaments, valuables, fancy items or toys. Mobile phones are strictly prohibited within the school premises. Mobile Phones, Camera’s or electronic goods will be taken into custody if found with the students.
5. Students are not permitted to bring any harmful, poisonous, toxic material, crackers to school under any circumstances. Any students bringing any of these harmful materials will be strictly dealt to the extent of suspension from classes or TC will be given immediately.
6. Students should maintain discipline and friendly environment with classmates and teachers. Any unlawful act will be dealt seriously. Teasing, Ragging or Bullying is strictly not permitted.
7. Please don’t send your child when they are sick or not in good health.
8. School Dairy must be checked and Signed by the parents daily.
9. Students must attend all Tests and Examinations. Retest or re-examination will not be entertained.
10. Malpractices or copying during examinations or tests will not be excused.
11. All projects and activities should be completed without fail in time.
12. Any breakages of furniture must be replaced immediately.
13. Parents should attend the monthly PTA meetings and should meet the teachers to know the progress of the child. Teachers Meeting Time : (Monday – Friday: 03:00-4:00pm ; Saturday – 12:00– 12:30pm )
14. Avail school bus as far as possible on advance bus payment. Discipline must be maintained in the bus.
15. School fees for the academic year must be cleared by September.
16. Any changes in phone numbers or address should be reported to the school office in writing.
17. Please make all enquires during office hours only (Monday – Friday : 08:30am-3.30pm ;
Saturday – 08:30am – 12:30pm)


1. Students should come to school in clean and tidy specified daily uniforms, if not they will be sent back home. Uniform should be of correct size and knee should be covered.
2. Nails should be trimmed on weekly basis. Haircut is mandatory for boys. Girls should use Black ribbon on regular days (Grey Uniform) and White ribbon on Wednesday & Saturday (Sports uniform)
3. School logo is must on school uniform shirt and Sweatshirt. Only school sweatshirt is permitted during Winter or Rainy Season. Coloured Sweaters is not permitted.


1. Colour dress with Shoes is allowed only on Birthday’s.
2. Only branded and company chocolates in sealed packets will be permitted for distribution in the school or class. Only chocolates from the following companies will be permitted: Lotte, Parle, Alpenliebe, Ravalgaon, Campco, Cadbury, Amul, Nestle, Tiffany, ITC Candyman
3. Students should bring sealed packed chocolates with valid expiry dates. The seal of the packet should not be opened. Unwrapped Sweets or expired chocolates will not be permitted for distribution.

Special Instructions for Nursery Parents:

1. Extra One/Two dresses should be sent every day.
2. Handkerchief should be pinned with safety pin on the dress.
3. Don’t send feeding bottles or milk. Only water is permitted.
4. Please ensure your child’s name on all belongings including books, lunch baskets, and water bottles.
5. Please ensure that your child is collected immediately after the school hours.
Child will not be sent through strangers. Ensure that you introduce your caretaker/ maids/ parents to the respective teacher.